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If your payment isn’t working at checkout, please check the following:

Your card is up to date, the expiry date on your payment method must be valid after the day of your delivery.

If the payment is failing before the payment provider verification screen, clearing your cookies will usually solve the problem. For technical support please read our FAQ. 

If the payment is failing after or during the provider verification screen, we recommend contacting your bank.

Check your payment details. You can update your payment details at the same link after logging in to your account.

Please note that adding a new payment method to your “Stored payment methods” won’t automatically clear the outstanding payment, so please use the method above and try to place the order again.

Still, having trouble with the payment? Please get in touch by completing the Contact Us form.

We’re sorry to hear you're having issues at checkout; we’d like to get that sorted out for you as quickly as possible. Please check one of the following reasons:

Occasionally a technical issue can prevent checkout. We recommend giving it another try and then clearing your website cookies by pressing ctrl + shift + del, selecting 'cookies' and clicking clear data. On mac, it's (cmd + shift + del.). If the issue persists, please complete the Contact Us form so we can help.

You might have started adding to a new order, rather than editing an existing one. To add to an existing order, find the order you’d like to edit under My Orders and select Edit. You’ll be asked if you want to add the items in your trolley to this order.

The cut-off time for editing your order may have passed. Please check your texts and emails to see your cut-off time. Unfortunately, we can’t help you add any more items to that order if you've missed the cut-off. If you still have time to edit, go back to the homepage and try again.

The delivery slot reservation may have expired. When you select a delivery slot, you have 60 minutes to check out before the reservation expires. If that's happened, the checkout button will grey out and you'll need to choose a new delivery slot before you can checkout.

You may not have reached the £25 minimum spend just yet.

Your card may be due to expire on the day your delivery is due. We only process the payment to our sellers for an order when it's delivered, not when you complete your payment at the checkout. So, if your card is due to expire before we plan to process a payment, it may not be accepted. Unfortunately, we can't verify your new card either, unless you update the payment data on the Payment Details page. If you think it may be something else, you'll need to contact your bank to make sure there are no other problems with your card. They will undertake the verification process on our behalf.

Still, having trouble? We’d like to help! Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

You can add delivery notes at the Checkout page before you place your order or visit Addresses page to add your delivery instructions.

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Yes you can. Just visit Gift Cards page and select your favourite design and the value of Card, follow the steps and we will send it to your friend or family member instantly.

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