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Why sell on our marketplace?

Marketplaces attract more shoppers and internet users every day. There is a growing trend of customers adopting the use of modern technologies every day and fortunately, this has extended to cover the grocery home delivery industry. There are tens of millions of customers who shop online every day, in the UK. These are all potential customers who can be led to discover and experience the products of small Halal Food shops, butcheries, bakeries, fresh fruits & vegetables shops, organic shops, cakes & desserts shops, fish & seafood shops, and many others, who do not have such a digital power. Here comes, the first online marketplace in the UK, which provides a digital platform for all the needs of Halal and cultural Food customers.

Become a halalo seller now and enjoy all the following benefits

  • Enjoy the benefits of running your own online shop on our marketplace and our logistics to fulfil your customers’ orders
  • Boost your performance and increase your sales, thanks to our state of the art controlled stock management software. So, you can update your stock every day.
  • We deliver your goods to the customers doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle and bustle of running your inhouse delivery service which can be very costly and challenging
  • We bring the customers to your shop if they prefer to collect their orders free of charge as we run a competent Click & Collect service with pre-booked time slots.
  • Reach out to new customers outside your geographical area, without the need to run a delivery service or advertising campaigns
  • Make mass sales as halalo will collect orders according to a pre-set schedule every day
  • Benefit from halalo regular and seasonal marketing & advertising campaigns and promotions that will help with boosting your sales
  • Enjoy the Up-Selling and Cross-Selling tools on halalo platform that would help you to improve your sales
  • Understand how certain products are performing in your overall stocks and promote the slow-moving goods
  • Easy to use Seller online Admin area, you can subscribe, add inventories, prices, update products/ prices, mark certain products as out of stock, check account balance or sales and get real time information about customer orders & collection times
  • Competent invoicing and payment system, with regular payments
  • Advertise your shop and products on offer on halalo marketplace and get the right exposure to a large customer base
  • Test your new products on our marketplace before committing to bulk orders
  • A well trained team to support both, the sellers and the customers
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  • The latest state of the art and yet easy to use Multi-Vendor Marketplace technology
  • Responsive website, IOS & Android mobile Apps
  • Intelligent system algorithm that helps improving the customer experience and fulfil the needs of Halal Food customers
  • We partnered with worldwide leading technology providers to continuously develop our systems, software and make regular updates to improve the customer experience and develop the marketplace functions and features

Home Delivery Service

We are working around the clock to expand our home delivery service to new areas. We are running a postcode and shop voting service, to inform our expansion plans and involve our customers in such fundamental decisions. This will help us extend our home delivery service to cover more areas and subscribe more of our customers’ favourite shops.

We run an affordable home delivery service for non-subscribed customers and even free of charge for our halalo club customers, depending on the total amount of their orders. We also use our own fleet of refrigerated, ULEZ compliant vans and we sort the orders in suitable boxes, with the correct labelling for each customer, so that we ensure our customers get their shopping in the best possible condition.

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Seller subscription plans
Pay as you go
£0.00 / Month
25% Commission
Up to 750 products
Unlimited Sales / mo
Start up
£75.00 / Month
22% Commission
Up to 1250 products
Sales up to 10000.00 / mo
£120.00 / Month
20% Commission
Up to 2000 products
Sales up to 20000.00 / mo
£200.00 / Month
18% Commission
Unlimited products
Unlimited Sales / mo
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