Frequently Asked Questions

How Halalo Works

A: You have to register in a simple step by entering your email, password and delivery postcode, so you can browse halalo marketplace and add products to your trolley. When you register a new account, you will be able to see whether halalo is delivering in your area or not. If we are not yet delivering in your area, registering an account will allow you to place orders and collect them from one store or multiple stores, according to your shopping pattern. You can also Vote Your Postcode, so we can inform you as soon as the delivery is available in your area.

A: is a multivendor marketplace, your minimum spend is just £25 from each shop.

A: Delivery charges will depend on the total amount of your order/s and also depends on the day and time of your chosen delivery slot. For instance, if your order is less than £95, you will be charged the minimum delivery fee which is £4.99 to £6.99 depending on the day and time of your delivery slot. Become a halalo club member to enjoy our range of free delivery slots*, discount vouchers and access to special offers from our sellers and many more privileges. Subscribe to halalo club now. 

Please note that some customers may choose to collect their orders from their chosen shops whenever it is most convenient for them, in this case there will be no delivery charges.

*For Halalo Club members, we offer free delivery for orders more than £95 and discounted delivery fees for orders less than this. 

**Also depends on the availability of delivery slots and the status of your halalo club membership.

A: Our delivery catchment area is currently extending to cover 5 London boroughs, we are working around the clock to cover more areas across the capital, then will expand to cover the entire country. So, please Vote Your Postcode and stay tuned.

A: We are striving to cover as many areas as we can across the capital as we continue to expand our service. You can Vote Your Postcode and also Vote Your Favourite Shop if not already subscribed with our service. If we get a 200+ votes for a specific area, we will do our best to extend our home delivery service to this area within one month.

If your area is not currently covered by our home delivery service yet, you can still use our click and collect service to shop from your favourite shops.

Your favourite shop is not subscribed yet? No worries! Use the “Vote your favourite shop” tab to let us know which shop you would like us to subscribe next, and we will do our best to subscribe them and even more shops in the area within two months.

A: We deliver your orders using our own fleet of refrigerated vans to ensure your grocery items remain fresh for as long as possible and reach you in the most perfect condition. We use ULEZ compliant vans in our bid to display our commitment to a cleaner environment.

A: an account on Halalo, then Book Delivery slot at your most convenient time. We recommend that you book your delivery day and time in advance due to the high demand on our service. Delivery slots are selling out very quickly and we keep your booked slot for 60 minutes, which is enough for you to fill in your shopping trolley and checkout. Please book your delivery slot in advance to avoid disappointment. You can also amend or cancel your order at any time, even after you have placed it and up to the point when you receive a confirmation of your order from the seller. After this point, if you still want to amend or cancel your order, you will need to check our Returns & Refund Policy.

A: Don’t worry, you can leave your delivery instructions at the Checkout or simply drop us a line using our Chat with Us tool or Contact Us form, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We can leave your shopping with a neighbour, after obtaining your permission, however, please note that if your order contains age restricted items, we will not be able to leave them unattended or with any of your neighbours who may appear to be underage. Our driver/ rider will attempt to reach you on your phone and if you are not available to answer your phone, our driver will leave your shopping outside your door. Please note that we always ask you to check your order is correct and all items are acceptable before our driver leaves your place, however if you’re not present we will assume your order is correct and will authorise the payment to the seller.

A: Please allow an extra couple of hours for the delivery to reach your address. Sometimes the traffic is difficult, and our drivers might struggle to reach your address on time. However, if it comes to our attention that your delivery is running late for whatever reasons, we will send you a text message and let you know. If you have any concerns or if there are any issues, please communicate with us using the Chat with Us tool or Contact Us form and we will do our best to resolve any issues or concerns that you may have. We always appreciate your understanding and your patience.

A: Our delivery service is based on “first come first served” and booking a regular, weekly delivery slot cannot be guaranteed specially during peak times, however, we do prioritise our halalo club customers who can book the same delivery slot every week. Subscribe now to halalo club, this will not only guarantee your same weekly slot, but will also give you the opportunity to wave goodbye to the delivery costs for orders of £65 or more and save on your weekly shopping bill as well as many more benefits.

A: you can keep your delivery slot booked for you for up to 60 minutes, if you do not place your order within this time, you will need to book a new slot.

A: We strive to deliver your shopping on time, you can always check the status of your order on your account page at Track my order. you can also check the ETA of your order on your halalo mobile app.

A: You can have more than one delivery address on your account, providing that your family member or friend’s address is within our delivery catchment area. If you want to add more addresses, please visit My Account and you will have to choose a preferred or default delivery address.

A: Although we always endeavour to make our customers as happy and comfortable as possible, unfortunately, our drivers will only be able to deliver customers shopping outside the doorstep of your building, this is to ensure that our drivers are keeping a safe distance while delivering the customers’ orders. This is for the safety of our customers and also our drivers/ riders. Also due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and in line with the government guidelines on social distancing, we will not be able to deliver your shopping inside your home. If you feel you are vulnerable and require extra help with delivering your shopping, please let us know in the “Leave note” tab before you complete Checkout.

A: Certainly, some customers choose to shop online from the convenience of their home or office or even on the go and collect their shopping from their chosen Halal Food Shops at a time which is more convenient for them. Please Book Collection time slot and rest assured that your order will be kept in a safe place until you come and collect it at your chosen time.

A: We are an online marketplace, and all orders MUST be placed via our website or mobile app. We do not accept any orders by phone.

A: As soon as you place your order and make the payment, you will receive an automated order acknowledgement email. This means that we have received your order and will start processing it through our sellers and delivery management system. You should receive another confirmation from the seller stating that they have accepted your order and started preparing it. If you didn’t receive the order acknowledgement or the seller confirmation emails, please check your junk folder. If you still didn’t receive the confirmation emails, please Chat with Us or complete the Contact Us form.

A: If you wish to cancel your order, this must be done without any problem before you receive the confirmation from the seller. However, if you received a confirmation from the seller, this could mean that your order might have products that are especially prepared for you -such as chicken or meat cuts-, however you still can cancel the order at least 24 hours before it is due to be delivered and subject to the seller’s approval -if any perishable items are included in the order-.

Please note that cancel my order feature will be deactivated if you choose to cancel your order just immediately before it is due to be delivered or after this cut off time for order cancelation. To cancel an order, you will need to and visit My Account, then click on My orders where you can view your existing and previous orders, edit, or cancel your order/s.

A: Yes, you can fill in your own Shopping List and search only the products that you need by clicking List Search. You can go to Shopping lists under the menu of Express Shopping and create a new one or edit a previously saved shopping list, at any time to add or remove items.

A: Yes, you will need to ensure that the information we hold about you are all up to date, this will minimise confusion and ensure the quality of the services we offer to you. To update your personal details, login to your account and use your My Account tab where all your personal, payment and login information are securely saved. You can edit the appropriate section to update your information whether this is your address, payment, or login details. It is also important to have your correct personal details and payment information -if you choose to save them for easy Checkout- as we will need to verify that you can shop for age restricted items.

A: We always advise against sharing your login details with any third party, as you will be financially responsible for all transactions completed with your login credentials.

We recommend that you buy them a Gift Card and we will email it to them, then they can use it to shop on, order on their behalf and add their address to your Addresses at My Account and direct specific orders to be delivered to their address or refer them to a new account and benefit from a £5 voucher that you can spend on, when they place their first order.

They can also share their shopping trolley with you, then you can , make the payment and the order is placed.

A: Please complete the Business Enquiry form and we will contact you for further details and VAT invoicing.

A: Please login to your account and change your password immediately and then contact us immediately via email to [email protected] if you think that your account is being used by someone else or has been hacked, or if you think that you have been receiving messages that you do not believe are from halalo.

A: Subscribe to our newsletter and keep yourself updated with the latest news on halalo services in your area and get the latest offers and promotions from our featured sellers. Enter your post code into the postcode checker before booking your delivery slot, and if we don’t provide the delivery service yet in your area, register an account and Vote Your Postcode and we will let you know as soon as our service hits your area.

A: then visit My Account at the main menu, then on go to My orders where you can view details of your previous and existing orders. Under the same tab you can click on “Track My order”.

A: You can print out copies of your receipts both for your previous and existing orders. We will also send you a copy of your receipt by email, as a part of the order confirmation process. if you would like to print out a receipt of a previous order, please visit My Account at the main menu, then on go to My orders where you can, find previous and existing orders and you can either email the receipt or simply print it.

A: This feature is designed to help our customers to shop in a few seconds for the items they have added to an old shopping list or they can create a new one. Our system algorithm will show you only those products relevant to the items that are listed on your shopping list. This should ensure that you buy your usual shopping literally in seconds and in a few clicks. The more you use our website or mobile app, the more our system will get to know your shopping habits and therefore, the system will be able to recommend the products that you might be interested in.

Under Express Shopping, go to Shopping Lists and you can add as many shopping lists as you want, you can also give every individual list a different name that suits you, for example, Ramadan Shopping list, weekly shopping list or Eid Shopping list etc. And ofcourse you can edit any of your shopping lists to add or remove items as you wish. Had enough of a specific list? No problem, you can delete it and create a new one.

A: It is always our pleasure to receive as many feedbacks and reviews as possible from our customers as this will help us to continue improving our service and our customers’ overall experience. To Leave a review for any product, you can do so on the same product page. Or you can review the seller at their main page. You will need to before leaving a review. We are confident that you will leave an honest review and keep a fair balance between the positives and negatives of a product/ service or a seller.

A: Please check up the following

  • Your order did not reach the £25 minimum spend

  • You are editing your order to add or remove items after the 24 hours cut off time before delivery.

  • You placed your order, but you did not checkout within 60 minutes of choosing your delivery slot.

  • You are paying for your shopping with an expired card, or you don’t have sufficient funds, please check with your bank.

  • Technical issues sometimes occur, if the problem persists, please let us know by writing to us on [email protected].

A: We accept all major debt and credit cards such as Visa, Visa Delta, Visa debit, MasterCard, and American Express “Amex”. We also accept payments made via PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

A: Please note that you must make the payment online before your order can be processed. We may seek to complete a pre-authorisation stage with your bank before your order is accepted. The process of taking a payment usually takes up to 3 to 5 working days depending on your payment method.

A: Our platform and mobile app are secured and authorised to take payments on. All your sensitive data and payment information being transmitted on our website or mobile app are highly secured and encrypted to protect our customers’ personal details sensitive information. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

A: We do not recommend anyone to share their payment information with anyone, however, you can use other cards that are not saved on your account. If you are using a card which is not under your name, the card owner should be present while you’re making the payment.

A: We run a generous customer loyalty program and from time to time we will email our customers discount codes, vouchers, and other promotional codes, so stay tuned to take advantage of our great range of promotional discounts and savings. At the Checkout, please enter your discount code at the appropriate tab and click add, the discount will apply to the total amount of your shopping.

A: Please double check the following:

  • Your discount code or voucher may be expired

  • Your discount code or voucher maybe limited to a certain range of selected products which are not in your shopping trolley

If you still believe your discount code or voucher should be valid and working while it’s not, please contact us on [email protected].

A: We run a customer loyalty program to ensure that our customers’ positive experience while shopping on is appreciated. Points collecting service is currently available to our halalo club subscribers only. They can use their points for even further discounts on their shopping bills or sometimes to pay for the delivery service. Subscribe now to halalo club and enjoy a lot more benefits.

A: if you have any concerns or issues with our service or any of our sellers, we recommend you do the following

  • Try to resolve the issue directly with the seller first, you can do this by visiting the concerned shop on, click on the shop and then click on Ask the seller a question.

  • If your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, please write to us using our Contact Us form. We will do our best to deal with your query as soon as possible.

A: Of course, you can. We take our customers feedback seriously as we believe customers feedback is the main drive behind our service development and improvement. Please note that it’s the customer’s responsibility to check the order while receiving it from our driver/ rider and to make sure that all items are delivered and in good condition. Please report any damaged or missing items to the driver/ rider upon receiving the order. In any case,

if you have received a damaged item that you would like to return, please visit our Returns and Refund Policy and follow the return and refund process. Please note that some of our sellers may have their own return and refund policies which will be applied. These should be indicated clearly under their shop on our website. After you have sent the damaged item back to the seller, please confirm that you did so; on our website or mobile app and allow 14 days to process your refund.

We would also appreciate your honest reviews on our sellers and their products. Please note the following:

  • Returns and refunds will only include defected items

  • Returned items must be unused and in the same original condition and packaging in which you have received

  • No returns will be accepted for perishable and fresh food items, unless there is a serious damage which is obviously wasn’t caused by you

  • No returns or refunds will be accepted if you order wrong items, unless they’re non-perishables and you are returning it within the 14 days period

  • No returns or refunds will be accepted for sanitary or personal care items unless it’s permitted by our Returns & Refund Policy

  • You will be responsible for the shipping costs of your returned items

  • Please consider the seller’s own return and refund policy before placing your order

A: You can leave a note to the seller at the check-out stage to let them know whether you can accept substitution.

A: Our vendors go through a rigorous vetting process before approving them as sellers on our marketplace. We seek to check and list their halal food certificates before approval is granted, this is to ensure that our supermarkets are selling genuine halal food. You can check Halal Certificates tab on our website or mobile app.